GFM Virtual Library

Welcome to the secondary phase GFM Virtual Library - offering 24 hour access to reading, learning and all things library!  We promote reading for pleasure, reading across the curriculum, reading support and facilitate best practices in research. 

We hope you find the information on here useful and engaging. 

Mrs Hawksworth

GFM Librarian

Miss Bromyard

GFM Senior Library Assistant - KS3/4 Specialist

Miss Sisk

GFM Senior Library Assistant - Sixth Form Specialist

Miss Bourke

GFM Library Assistant

Miss Willis

GFM Reading Strategy Lead 

Mrs Maxwell

GFM Reading Strategy Lead 

Bay House School Library

Brune Park School Library

BH Year 7


Take a look at all the great things that happen in the Bay House Library!

Year 7 Assembly.MOV


Take a look at all the great things that happen in the Brune Park Library!


LRC Anime Movie Club will be showing the award-winning film Your Name. 

Wednesday 21st June 3.10 - 5.30pm 

 Free Tickets available at the library desk. 

Popcorn and drinks will be provided.     

All year groups welcome.

Please check the trailer below.

Autism Awareness Week

27th March to 2nd April 2023


With greater public awareness on autism, it can help not just individuals with autism, but also make lives easier for families and caregivers. In addition, we also enrich our society by accepting the wonderful differences that we all have. 

Click on the link below to view a comic strip representation of the autistic spectrum created by Rebecca Burgess an autistic illustrator. 

"Rebecca Burgess illustrates the spectrum as a colour wheel, with many graded colour segments, each distinguishing between language, motor skills, perception, executive function, and sensory filtering."

Understand the spectrum

Spring Celebrations

Take a look at what we have done this term to celebrate Easter! 

Spring Term Recommendations and Newsletter email version.pdf

Here's a copy of the latest parent/carer newsletter detailing library news and some book/ebook/audio book recommendations.

Students have been choosing mystery wrapped books based on the keywords revealed from the cracked egg.

We have enjoyed inviting Year 7 and 8 parents/carers into the library for this terms Biscuits and Read event. This provides an opportunity to read for pleasure and spend quality time together.


Children's Mental Health Week

6-12 February 2023

Theme: Let's Connect

Let’s Connect is about making meaningful connections for all, during Children’s Mental Health Week – and beyond. People thrive in communities, and this connection is vital for our wellbeing. 

When we have healthy connections – to family, friends and others – this can support our mental health and our sense of wellbeing. And when our need for rewarding social connections is not met, we can sometimes feel isolated and lonely – which can have a negative impact on our mental health. 

For Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, we’re encouraging people to connect with others in healthy, rewarding and meaningful ways. 

Tutor Time Reading - 2022-23

The GFM endeavours to promote diversity in reading which is reflected in our choice of novels that are being read aloud in Tutor Times this year.

Year 7 - Tutor Time Reading
Year 8 Tutor Time Reading
Year 9 Tutor Time Reading
Year 10 Tutor Time Reading

Celebrating diverse and inclusive reading

We value the importance of our school community having access to diverse and inclusive reading. This recommended reading list will encourage our ethos of "no outsiders" as well as promoting great reads.

Diverse and Inclusive Booklist.pdf

GFM Reading Canons and Great Reading Exploration

Please watch the video recording from Miss Willis and Mrs Hawksworth, introducing the GFM Reading Canons and GFM Reading Exploration. This can be found on the appropriate tabs at the top of the virtual library. Please also make sure you have joined the newly created Google Classroom.

Introduction to the library

EDITED BP Library Tour.mp4


We thought it might be nice to have a quick induction of the library. This is filmed at Brune Park, but reflects exactly what you can do at Bay House too.

Here are some interactive websites for you to try that relate to reading

Visit Wonderscape to unlock the eBook

Explore Harry Potter at Home

Visit Bloomsbury for more Harry Potter fun

Do you have what it takes to be a bodyguard?