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Connect people & spaces


Connect people & spaces


Develop innovative products and solutions to ensure ease of facility access and remote space management. Provide access systems to create a secure future where spaces are connected and accessible without boundaries.

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Our journey

As we are moving forward, we document our progress. Feel free to look into our journey in our gallery.

Kisi Manifesto

Our guiding star

For centuries physical security has been a concept built to keep threats out, protect perimeters, and secure spaces. At the turn of the millennium, the digital revolution propelled a new security paradigm — leading to greater adoption of early technological solutions.

Our marvelous world has evolved considerably since then. Things are not as predictable and simple as they were. Today, we all live in a continuously changing, digitally connected world with ever-growing security requirements. Having a space in which you can feel secure is a basic human need.

Modern times usher in new solutions and capabilities. Every obstacle brings opportunities for creating solutions. Workspaces traditionally used to facilitate manual labor turned into flexible, scalable spaces that can adapt fluidly. The predictability of the past made our spaces secure. Today is a new day. Today, it is different.

Today, we interact differently with our spaces. Work is moving away from a routine into a flexible and scalable concept. Our spaces transform by welcoming the future and integrating with software and hardware. Simple security used to mean physical keys. Today —in a digital world, simplicity stands for technology.

We secure the future by converting today's security challenges into functional and accessible technology —We connect people and spaces.

'Connect people and spaces' is more than a philosophy; it's a promise from Kisi to our users, and to our employees. It is the promise to ourselves. It is our benchmark. It is our experience. It is our story. It is our business promise.

—It's our Guiding Star.