Our German School Community 


Welcome to the German Language School of the North Bay's school community website with helpful information for parents and students of our school.
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How can I contribute to our school? And what is needed?

We are grateful for any contributions that help build our community and manage tuition costs.  🙏   

Novato Pause Table & Kaffeeklatsch 😋 

Create a sign-up genius log-in and visit the Novato Campus Signup Sheet or the Santa Rosa Campus Signup Sheet. You will find the available slots and needs. Feel free to bring anything else you want to share. 

Cash Donation 💰    

Thank you for your donation to our school! Your support helps us fund our classes, events, and more. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Make your donation here! 

Open Board Positions 🥳🙋🧑‍💻️     

We have an active board that welcomes additional volunteers to join and help. To learn more, please contact President Marcus Kubath. Currently, these positions are open: 

Check out our video about ways you can contribute!