The Georgia Southern University - Savannah Science Museum Herpetology Collection

The Department of Biology is home to Georgia's second largest herpetology collection. The collection contains approximately 35,000 specimens of reptiles and amphibians. The vast majority of the material is from the coastal plain of Georgia, although specimens from other regions allow us to have more than 95% of Georgia's herpetofaunal species represented.

Collecting efforts over the last 55 years have established an incredible record of amphibian and reptile diversity from across our region. Since its arrival at Georgia Southern, the collection has been completely re-curated and its data updated and shared online such we now provides access to an invaluable historical record of our state's biological diversity.

Contact the curator, Dr. Lance McBrayer, for specimen data, loans, research opportunities, and general information.

Collection data are now accessible through both Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and VertNet such that any one in the world can access and use these data. At VertNet, our Darwin Core institution code is "GSU". If you use "Advanced search options" at the VertNet portal, you will be able to search only our collection. At GBIF, search for 'Occurrences', and select "advanced options". Then you may use our collection code of "gsu-herp" to find our material.

The collection also welcomes visiting researcher, loan requests, and or data requests. Tours are available on a case by case basis.

Along with other faculty and students, we have recently conducted an intensive survey project on campus and we will questions and participations in this. For more information, visit the Georgia Southern Biological Survey, and our project at iNaturalist (GSBS).