2023 ETSC Conference presentations




Using digital interactive notebooks: advantages and disadvantages

Jordan Northenor 

Advantages of using digital storytelling within the classroom

Brett Carey 

Information Literacy & a comparison of fact-checking apps/Web 2.0 tools

Damon Smith 

& Livia Daniel 

The significance of individualized differentiation in educational software in closing student achievement gaps for elementary students

Cindy Johnson

Advantages of Interactive Gaming Platforms as Educational Tools for Students and Teachers

Danita Sanders

Social-emotional considerations of gamified instruction 

Christina Cotsakis Cordón & Adam Robertson

ChatGPT and implications for academic use (or misuse)

Kyle Tucker 

& Steve Roper

Using virtual science labs in elementary classrooms

Ashley Ausburn

& Harmony Karcher

The advantages and disadvantages of using NWEA MAP to track growth

Mansaline Thomas & Jessica Juarez

Engaging students with gamification

Brandon Kennon & Gloria Clemons