Call for Proposals

CSSC invites your individual paper and panel sessions. Panel submissions can be considered, upon request, for special lunch sessions that highlight outstanding work in the field and/or Southern Signature Sessions, which feature curriculum work taking place within and about the American South.

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Submissions are invited for the following strands:

Curriculum Dialogues (CD)

This strand is designed to promote the sometimes difficult, but necessary, dialogue that must take place in order to expand, complicate, and articulate the field of curriculum in theory and practice. Sessions are structured as 15-20 minute paper or panelist presentations followed by a period of discussion. We seek submissions for papers and panels that highlight current issues and ideas and inspire both theoretical and practical work.

Pushing Methodological Boundaries (PMB)

This strand is idea invites completed and/or published work as well as performances and exhibits that push the boundaries of current “accepted” humanistic and human science methodological models. In order to provide insight into the intricacies of methodological discussions, presenters are asked to explicitly discuss the context in which the work emerged and the process through which alternative models were developed.

Works-In-Progress (WIP)

In this strand, we invite the submission of emerging work that will contribute to productive “working” sessions focused on collaboration and mutual development. Each session is assigned a discussant to review the submissions prior to the conference and lead the conversation with participants and audience members about the presented pieces. This strand is designed to provide safe spaces for initial presentations, student work, hunches, and newly developed intuitions on the part of researchers, as well as opportunities to conduct the work of the field during the conference.

The Emergent Scholar (TES)

If you have expertise and insight to share with graduate students, practitioners, and early career faculty we invite you to propose sessions on topics that are pertinent to the development and ongoing enrichment of academic work. These sessions should be structured as discussions that are both informative and interactive.

To submit a proposal, provide the name, affiliations, and contact information of all authors/presenters, a 250-word abstract describing the purpose and scope of your presentation, and a brief statement describing how your presentation aligns with the selected strand.

For priority consideration, please submit by Friday, March 24th, 2019. No submissions will be accepted after April 7th, 2019. Accepted presenters will be notified by April 21st, 2019.

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