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Children's Theatre 2023

Wee Sing In Sillyville

By Pam Beall and Susan Nipp

Directed by Olin Meadows and Amity Wann

March 7, 2023

Come along on a surprise journey with Lauri, Scott, and Barney the dog as they magically disappear into the pages of their coloring book. Meet Sillywhim, who welcomes them to the wacky world of Sillyville where anything can happen---as long as it’s fun. But there’s a problem here: The yellow Spurtlegurgles don’t like the green Jingleheimers, while the red Bitty Booties won’t talk to the blue Twirlypops. Now it’s up to Laurie and Scott to teach them the true meaning of friendship, no matter what color they are. Children of all ages will love to sing and dance along with the characters to 20 best-loved children’s songs.

Our Goal

At Benold our students work smarter and the actors act harder. Our goal for our program is to make a welcoming environment where our students can feel a warm place to express themselves. while producing outstanding theatre for the enjoyment of our community. In or out of school our students try their best 100% of the time!