+ Belonging

A creative reflection space to explore how technology systems are interconnected with our interior and social selves.

"Technologies embody social relations (power)." - Sasha Costanza Chock

In 2021, it is hard to ignore that technology is inherently political. Whether it’s how our stock market is being regulated, Facebook ... just being Facebook, or even how our government is responding to the pandemic, there is a lot to be reimagined when it comes to how technology is leveraged within institutions, systems, and movements.

At the same time, we know that these institutions and systems only function through the thoughts and actions of individuals (like you and me!). If we are truly going to reimagine our systems to be life-affirming and no longer weaponize technology for oppression, injustice, or retribution, we must create the time and space to critically ask: How do these systems function through our interior lives, identities, and emotions? How should we interrogate the self and the roles our varied identities play in our study and use of technology?

This discussion series provides a space for us to collectively reflect and uncover technology’s role in facilitating systems that consciously and unconsciously function through the identities we hold and present to the world. We recognize that often these functions can be oppressive and cause harm, both at individual and systemic levels. Through our reflection, we aim to reclaim our design and use of technology to increase personal belonging for all.

Our Format

  • Technology + Belonging is a 6-part series that will begin on March 11, 2021, and conclude on April 22, 2021.

  • Each collective reflection session will be on a Thursday at 1 pm ET and will last for 60 minutes.

  • Materials, including video, audio, artistic and academic works, will be sent to participants the week prior to each collective reflection session. These materials will be accompanied by discussion/reflection prompts for the optional pair share leading up to the weekly collective reflection session.

  • Pairs will be assigned after the first session of the series, on March 11. For more information on paired reflections, please read our FAQs.

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