LGBTQ+ Media List

A Collection of Media Recommendations from Members of Pride Alliance at SUNY Geneseo

About Pride Alliance at SUNY Geneseo

Pride Alliance is an on-campus group devoted to discussing LGBTQ+ issues, promoting activism in the queer community, and maintaining a safe space in which all students can thrive. Pride provides a relaxed and safe environment for anyone to share and learn about issues related to gender and sexual minorities in today's world. With the help of its members, Pride plans several events such as Second Chance Prom and Drag Ball. Ultimately, our goal is to make the campus a better and more informed environment so all students can call Geneseo their home.

Pride Alliance meets at 8pm on Thursdays in the Hunt Room (College Union 135).

During these meetings, members have been sharing their suggestions for positive LGBTQ+ media, so this site was created to compile those suggestions and make them available for everyone to check out and explore!

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Have a recommendation?

If you have a suggestion for any media with LGBTQ+ stories, characters, or themes, submit them to our site with this Google Form.

Once your submission has been entered, we will go through and add it to its respective category!

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