Park Life City

a project by GreenEarth Landmark Sdn Bhd

The project development will be carried out in few phases, starts with the construction of the new Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with added processing capacity, followed with the construction of government institution building comprised of 12-storey Green Building Index and finally the ommercial development of PARK LIFE CITY that consists of a shopping mall, apartment towers, corporate office tower, and a 4 star hotel.

Phase 1

description of phase 1

Phase 2

description of phase 2

Phase 3

description of phase 3

GreenEarth believes that the proposed project development will bring benefits and values to the Government, particularly in encouraging local private sectors to actively finance and participate in the development of federal lands, and to promote sustainable development via green technology nationally, based on our proposed implementation model for a sustainable green city.

Project Progress 1
Project Progress 2
Project Progress 3
Project Progress 4


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