Welcome to Plainview Colony School

Plainview Colony School is committed to provide creative, meaningful lessons that meet both the expectations of the Manitoba Curriculum and this Hutterian community. We are also committed to provide a learning environment that is both emotionally and physically healthy while promoting learning as a life enhancing skill.

Staff List

Pam Jamieson School Administrator/Resource

Jamie Martin Administrative Assistant/Librarian

Crystal Chisholm Early Years

Taylor Beltz Middle Years

Dana Poole High School

Shelley Warnica High School

Tessa Sanheim Phys. Ed/Support

Shawna Wegener Educational Assistant

Contact Us

Box 59

Elkhorn, MB

R0M 0N0



Plainview SchooL Announcements:

About Plainview colony School

Plainview Colony School is a Kindergarten – Grade 12 Hutterian school located approximately 15 kms west of Elkhorn, Manitoba. For the 2023-2024 school year we have 46 students, 3 classrooms and 7 staff members.

Our students speak German as their first language and attend German school for one hour prior to English school, and also for one hour after English school. They also attend German school on Saturday mornings.