Mary Montgomery School

Welcome to the Mary Montgomery School!

Mary Montgomery School is located in Virden, Manitoba, Canada. Our school educates students from Kindergarten (5 Year-old students) to Grade Four students (9–10 Year-old students). We are part of the Fort La Bosse School Division and the Manitoba Public Education System.

Please Find Below Links for PT Interviews (November 22):

Kinder ODD            

Kinder EVEN         

Mrs. Pidborchynski

Mrs. Wood O’Grady

Mrs. Pearn             

Mr. McLeod      

Mr. Halland         

Mrs. Lewis             

Mrs. Warkentin    

Miss Tolton           

Mrs. Garcia            

Mrs. Johnson       

About Mary Montgomery School

Our community is part of South Western Manitoba.  We are geographically close to our neighbors to the West, the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan, and to our neighbors to the South, the United States, specifically the State of North Dakota. As of the 2019/2020 school year, Mary Montgomery School has 202 students, 10 classrooms, and 25 staff members.

Mission Statement

Mary Montgomery School is committed to working together with parents and communities to lay the foundation for lifelong learning by providing quality education in a caring environment.