Welcome to Elkhorn School Website

Elkhorn School's mission is to provide a positive educational environment, which encourages everyone to strive for personal levels of academic, physical, social and emotional excellence.

About Elkhorn School

Elkhorn School is a K – 12 school serving the Village of Elkhorn, Village of McAuley, the North-Western wards of the RM of Wallace, and the RM of Archie. Our school has +/- 150 students, and 20 staff members. We have a very busy school, and there always seems to be something going on, either organized by our Student Council (Gr. 7 – 12 students) or by members of staff.

Elkhorn School Goals

In order to achieve this mission, Elkhorn School's goals are:

  • To maximize student achievement in academic, artistic and practical skill areas consistent with student abilities and skills.

  • To provide a caring and safe environment which nurtures social and emotional growth leading to responsible behavior and a positive self-concept.

  • To develop habits which promote life long physical fitness, good nutrition and continuing physical activity.

  • To have students develop positive attitudes towards self and others, the school and the community.

  • To foster in students the ability to make responsible decisions related to work, family and society.