gdq international christian school scholarship program

History and purpose of GDQ

GDQ International Christian School's founders were among the first Christian missionary families in Albania after the fall of communism in 1991. The school began with elementary and middle school in the fall of 1993 and added the high school in 2009 in order to provide a Christ-centered, academically enriching, international education while supporting the growth of the Evangelical church in Albania.

Our primary aim is to prepare children to serve the Lord in society with excellence. We encourage students to develop a biblical worldview and apply their faith. The teaching staff represent a variety of Protestant Christian denominations. We are sensitive to the diversity represented in our school community and seek to maintain a comfortable and accepting atmosphere in which students are free to explore, learn and creatively express themselves. In addition to our high academic standards, we work to develop character qualities such as patience, kindness, humility, generosity, integrity and self-control.

Why a Scholarship Program?

GDQ's scholarship program is a way to help families attend that exemplify GDQ's values as well as help further the mission and vision.

Families that qualify for scholarships are given the opportunity to accept all or part of the scholarship. If a family declines, either part or the full scholarship, the money will be set aside to help families that may have an emergency financial need.

Once a family is awarded scholarship, the scholarship lasts for the duration the child is in that sector of the school as long as the family's qualifying situation remains the same.*

* The Qiriazi Scholarship will remain as long as the child continues to meet the qualifications