Gowanda Central School District

Parent Drug and Alcohol Forum Information and Participation

It is very important to us at Gowanda Central School to educate our students and families on teen health issues. Below you will find information that is shared during our Drug and Alcohol Forum at the beginning of each school year. This digital version will provide useful information for those parents/guardians that were unable to attend the Forum.

Students whose parents have not attended the Drug and Alcohol Forum in person and do not complete this digital version, will be placed on the GCS Ineligibility list restricting them access to extracurricular activities.


  • Set aside approximately 60 mins. to complete this entire process.

  • First, enter your name and child(ren)'s on the blue form. Click NEXT.

  • There are 6 parts. Each part contains a video for you to watch and a few questions for during/after each viewing. Click NEXT at the bottom of each part when you are done. (Videos are in the form as well as to the left of this page. )

  • If you need the videos larger you can use the square in the lower right corner of the video, or scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

  • To increase the size at anytime, hold down "Ctrl" and "+"

Part 1:

The Teen Brain: Under Construction


Part 2:

Marijuana: Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Use


Part 3:

The Consequence of No Consequence


Part 4:

What Parents Need to Know: A Prescription Drug Abuse


Part 5:

Kids and Vaping

(5:00 & 3:36)

Part 6:

Talking to Kids

What Parents need to Know

(1:40 & 7:02)