Benefits of Year-Round School

All BSMS students will attend school 180 days. The difference is how those days are divided across the year. Take a look at the differences and benefits of each calendar. On the Year-Round Calendar, students attend school for nine weeks and then have three weeks off. This pattern repeats for each grading period. Students still have five weeks off in the summer.

It is important to remember that no matter which calendar you and your family choose for your student, they will still have access to the same classes and after school activities.

Take a look at the two calendars for next year side by side. Notice that students on the year-round calendar have a more balanced calendar. The shortened summer and more frequent breaks help students avoid the "Summer Slide". When students have an extended summer break, they often lose lots of what they learned during the school year. Students on the Year-Round calendar will have access to Intercession camps to help with remediation and enrichment to help them continue to grow academically and socially during their breaks.

All students, no matter which calendar they choose, have traditional breaks around holidays and many shared days off. This can assist if you have children on both calendars.