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Gateway Community Charters Virtual Academy is providing students and families in the greater Sacramento region with an innovative option for students to learn and grow in a virtual instructional setting! The Virtual Academy offers the quality educational experience you’ve come to expect from GCC in a virtual learning environment This educational alternative is tuition-free and enrollment is open to all students in grades TK-12.

For students new to Gateway Community Charters (GCC) please complete an application on the GCC website to enroll in the GCC Virtual Academy.

For students who previously attended a GCC school please complete this Google Form to enroll.

We are enrolling all grades levels (TK-12th). Your student will be assigned to a teacher within two days of completing the enrollment process. Please click the link to the left to access our flyer on what to expect when you enroll. Please see below for our school handbook.


Student Daily Schedules

Every student's schedule will look a little bit different at the Virtual Academy, but there will be some consistancies within grade-level groups. Each student schedule will include mandatory class time and independent learning time. Teachers will work directly with each family to build in tutoring hours (as needed) and independent learning time that will best support each individual student.

Gateway Community Charters Virtual Academy will provide high quality curriculum, instructional support, and college and career preparation for students in our community.

  • Emphasizing standards-based curriculum

  • Providing parents and guardians with instructional guidance and support

  • Identifying student instructional needs and providing personalized educational plans

  • Assessing student learning style, modality and achievement

  • Providing access to career opportunities including internships and job shadowing


Elementary students (grades TK-5) participating in the Virtual Academy will attend daily scheduled, live instruction across core content areas via Zoom. Elementary students will also receive video instruction and independent practice in each core content area. Additional scheduled live small group instruction across various subjects, and structured social opportunities will be provided by GCC’s credentialed teachers.


Middle and High School students (grades 6-12) will attend weekly meetings with their teacher and will also meet on Zoom in small groups for direct academic and social-emotional support. All students will have access to content area teachers to support them in their work. Our high school students have the opportunity to apply for dual-enrollment at American River College (contingent on academic progress/standing).

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Contact the GCC Virtual Academy: 916-286-1915

*The GCC Virtual Academy is a Community Collaborative Charter School (CCCS) Program*