Middle School Band

January Events

Jazz Band Wednesday, January 22, 29 – 2:30 – 3:15

Second Semester Auditions: February 3 – 7th.

Four randomly selected scales from the scale sheet

Two selections from band music that Dr. Plum chooses.

2019-2020 GAMS Band Calendar.

2019-2020 Lesson schedule

It's always a good time to clean those instruments. Brass instruments need a bath, woodwinds can clean their mouthpieces with soap and water and everyone can take a soft cloth and wipe off fingerprints. See my website for detailed instructions - NEVER put a woodwind instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, etc) in water - NEVER EVER! Brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba) water cannot hurt it - it will not rust. Give them a bath.

  • The BEST way to get better as a musician is to take private lessons. I suggest every student take private lessons.
  • If you're waiting for a sign... this is it, do it. It will be amazing