Middle School Band

GAMS Band Updates 10.7.19

Hello Middle School Band Families.

1. This week we will start with jazz band on Wednesdays from the bus bell until 3:30. The full band will NOT meet but we will follow the following schedule.

Wednesday, October 23rd (Trombones Only)

Wednesday, October 30th (Rhythm Only – piano/bass/percussion)

Wednesday, November 6th (Full Band)

2. Each student will perform an audition the week of October 21st during their lesson. The audition will include four scales (C, F, Bb, and G. Two selections of band music that we will cover in class). These auditions will place students in order of performance. The highest score receives 1st chair, the second highest receives 2nd chair, etc.

3. The Butcher Shop Cookie Dough Fundraiser starts October 14th - students receive order forms

  • Butcher Shop cookie dough fundraiser and monies due October 31st
  • Students pick up cookie dough Thursday November 21st
  • GABB makes $6.50 per tub sold and $3 per bag of coffee sold.
  • Prizes awarded to top sellers

It's always a good time to clean those instruments. Brass instruments need a bath, woodwinds can clean their mouthpieces with soap and water and everyone can take a soft cloth and wipe off fingerprints. See my website for detailed instructions - NEVER put a woodwind instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, etc) in water - NEVER EVER! Brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba) water cannot hurt it - it will not rust. Give them a bath.

  • The BEST way to get better as a musician is to take private lessons. I suggest every student take private lessons.
  • If you're waiting for a sign... this is it, do it. It will be amazing