What is Hornet Hub?

One identity. One portal. One logon.

Hornet Hub is a platform that brings many of the systems/applications that you use every day into one dashboard giving you the ability to use your Gatesville ISD network login and password as your authentication credentials for each of the systems and applications that pertain to you.

Why Hornet Hub?

The primary goal of Hornet Hub is to make it easy for students, teachers and staff to access applications, learning tools, communication platforms and all digital resources including digital curriculum content (textbooks) through the click of a button. Previously, staff and students had to remember multiple usernames and passwords for a variety of textbooks, digital curriculum, and other online resources. Staff had to manually create and assign accounts for each user. The Hornet Hub will simplify this process, allowing you to utilize one username and password for everything!

No More Juggling a dozen Passwords!

How do I access and use The Hornet Hub?

Visit https://sso.gatesvilleisd.org to get logged in. Use your district network username and password as your credentials to login. Once logged into The Hornet Hub, simply click on the icon to access the system you would like to use. Or click the Green Hornet Hub Button right Here!

What if I don’t have access to an application that I think I should?

Once logged in, you’ll only have access to applications with which you have an account. Keep in mind, every digital content provider does things a little differently. Parents, if you feel like your students cannot access their appropriate digital content please reach out to his or her Teacher for assistance. Teachers, if you feel that you do not have the content that you need or if you have questions about how a specific digital curricular resource from Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, STEMscopes, etc. works, please reach out to your District Curriculum Coordinator.

The Hornet HUB Application Status

Below, find out where an application stands within the development process for the Hornet HUB.

Functional = Provisioning of account and single-sign-on pass-through from the Hornet HUB is working.

In Development = Actively working on a solution for implementation.

Unavailable = System is not available for integration into the Hornet HUB at this time.

Note, the Hornet Hub is growing all the time, and the applications listed are only the first round, there is much more to come!

Ready to get started? What better way to learn something new, than to dive right in? Click the Green Button to be sent directly to the Hornet Hub. If you feel like you would like to ease in with a video tutorial click the Blue Button, and for More information on the Hornet Hub click the Yellow Button!


Video Walkthrough for the Hornet HUB!