As required by the Pennsylvania School Code, the Garnet Valley School District is governed by a School Board comprised of nine directors who serve four-year terms. Elections are held every odd-numbered year. Four to five directors are generally elected at any one time.

At an annual organization meeting held the first week of December, the School Board chooses a President and Vice President for the coming calendar year. Currently Scott Mayer is President and Robert Hayes is Vice President.

A primary responsibility of the Board is to set district policy, which is then implemented by the administration. Another major responsibility is to approve the annual budget and set tax rates. The fiscal year covered by the budget runs from July 1 to June 30.

In addition to the School Board, the student body of Garnet Valley High School elects two student representatives for a one-year term that runs concurrent with the fiscal year. These representatives serve in a non-voting advisory capacity.

To reach our Board members you may email them at e-mail the School Board or contact them by phone using the information found on our Contact Page.

2022-2023 School Board Meetings 7PM

GVEC or via Zoom

Aug 16 - Work Session

Aug 23 - Regular Meeting

Sept 12 - Work Session

Sept 20 - Regular Meeting

Oct 11 - Work Session

*Attend at GVEC or via Zoom

Oct 18 - Regular Meeting

Nov 15 - Combined Meeting

Dec 5 - Reorganization Meeting

Jan 9 - Work Session

District Advisory Council (DAC)


DAC Meetings

7PM at the GVEC

October 3, 2022

March 6, 2023

May 8, 2023

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2022-2023 School Board Meetings (cont'd.)

Jan 17 - Regular Meeting

Feb 13 - Work Session

Feb 21 - Regular Meeting

Mar 13 - Work Session

Mar 21 - Regular Meeting

Apr 25 - Combined Meeting

May 16 - Combined Meeting

June 13 - Work Session

Jun 20 - Regular Meeting

2022-2023 Bd Mtg Calendar 09.15.2022.pdf