Welcome to Safeguarding at UWC South East Asia.

In keeping with the mission and values of UWCSEA, we believe that every child and young person, regardless of age, has at all times and in all situations a right to feel safe and protected.

We are committed to safeguarding processes which include protecting students from abuse and neglect; preventing risk of harm to children’s health or development; and ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and supportive care.

UWCSEA expects all individuals and groups affiliated with the school community to act with integrity and to take responsibility for keeping students safe. Whether you are a staff member, a service or activity partner, a volunteer, intern, contractor, guest, parent or visitor, it is our expectation that you will support our students and act with their well being in mind at all times.

At UWCSEA, keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility.

Please feel welcome to browse through this site. If you require more information please contact

Naomi Kelly, Senior College Safeguarding Lead at childsafeguarding@uwcsea.edu.sg

Child friendly UNCRC .pdf

At UWCSEA, keeping children safe is everyone's responsibility.