NS Student Help Center

Reset a Student's Password - For most of North Schuylkill's systems

We cannot provide support for in home computer issues, if you have a question, please submit it here.

Google Classroom - Google's documentation on how to access Google Classroom

HS Teacher Classroom Info Pages - If you are not in the correct Classroom, please email your teacher

NSE Teacher Classoom Info Pages - If you are not in the correct Classroom, please email your teacher

North Schuylkill Virtual Access Guidebook

Step-by-step directions to logon to Google Classroom

Parents Guide to Google Classroom - Video

Parent Guide to Google Classroom - Google Slides Presentation

Trouble signing in to Google, Google Classroom, or Google Apps - Many home computers are already signed into a personal Google or Gmail account. If you are trying to login into your Google school account and are having permission denied issues, invalid code issue, or not seeing what you expect try one of the below links to help.

Troubleshooting for students

Log out of Google Accounts - This will log you out of any Google accounts you may be in.

Sign in to multiple Google accounts at once

Google Meet

If your mobile device can access G Suite, you can use that device to join a class video meeting.

Google Docs/Drive

This will be a gigantic learning experience for the North Schuylkill students, teachers and parents. Please be patient with each other as we work to educate our students in the best way possible. We will be adding to this page throughout the closure as issues pop up.