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Card 1: Moniya (childhood nickname)

Card 2: Family

Card 3: Service as a Medic

Card 4: Hinduism

Card 5: Kasturba Gandhi

Card 6: Phoenix Settlement and Tolstoy Farm

Card 7: Civil Disobedience

Card 8: Attorney in South Africa

Card 9: Friendship

Card 10: Education

Card 11: Interfaith Work

Card 12: Fasting

Card 13: Community Activism in South Africa

Card 14: Simplicity

Card 15: Rabindranath Tagore

Card 16: Discipline

Card 17: Respect for One's Adversary

Card 18: Satyagraha (Truth-Force)

Card 19: Train Travels in India

Card 20: Prayer

Card 21: Politics

Card 22: Children of God

Card 23: Vegetarianism

Card 24: Tax Resistance

Card 25: Walking

Card 26: Economic Self-Sufficiency

Card 27: Manual Work

Card 28: "Great Soul"

Card 29: Gandhi in London

Card 30: Civility

Card 31: 1931 Second Round Table Conference in London

Card 32: Everyday Life

Card 33: Leadership

Card 34: Smiling

Card 35: Disagreement with Colleagues

Card 36: Health

Card 37: Bravery

Card 38: Gandhi in Prison

Card 39: Will

Card 40: Assassination

Card 41: A Nonviolence Hero

Card 42: Children

Card 43: Perfect Love