Numeracy and Educational Neuroscience Lab

The NENS lab was at the VL2 Family meeting! So nice to be back in person and connect with our new members and reconnect with our old time colleagues! Let's be like firing neurons: each one unique yet stronger together!


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In the Numeracy and Educational Neuroscience (NENS) Laboratory we investigate the impact of language experience on the cognitive and neural foundations of numeracy. The questions we ask relate to understanding how humans are able to process numerical information. How do children learn numbers and become proficient in arithmetical operations? But we also investigate how the learning process and level of proficiency affect the brain networks supporting number and arithmetic processing. In the NENS lab, students have the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills in neuroimaging methods such as fMRI and EEG, as well as with computer-based behavioral testing and standardized testing, with adults and children.

This year's mighty NENS team! From left to right: Sarah Kimbley, Casey Spelman, Jane Selna, and Markea Howard

This year's VL2 theme: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Resarch and Translation: Stronger Together!

The NENS Lab was at MCLS in Antwerp!

June 1-3, 2022

The NENS lab had high visibility at the Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society's 2022 conference in Antwerp, Belgium from June 1-3. PEN graduate students Sarah Kimbley and Casey Spelman presented posters on their lab and dissertation research. Dr. Berteletti serves as the secretary of MCLS and also presented a talk that showcased data from the NENS lab on the neural underpinnings of arithmetic in Deaf early signers.

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