Health Careers Club


We care about the health and wellness of our community, teachers and classmates in GHS.  We serve our community  through participation in volunteer events such as the bi-annual GHS blood drives,  and other volunteer events such as Wellness Centers, and more!  We expand our healthcare outreach and education to our club members through visits to  hospitals, outpatient facilities, Neighborhood Care & home health and preventive and fitness services.

HOSA Competitors Excel at Area!  Amira Khan 4th Medical Spelling, Zyla Alonso 2nd Health Career Photography, Diana Orozco Research Poster, Caitlyn Gomez 6th Medical Assisting, Celeste Buenos Aires 1st Home Health Aide -  Zyla & Celeste are on to state!

2022-23 Officers Emily Montoya, Bryce Martin, Zyla Alonso, Bullin Rutledge, Karina Diaz, Ariadna Ramos, Sarai Samos, Caitlyn Gomez, Celeste Buenos Aires

2023  Inductions!

-Certifications -

Our Practicum students (seniors) recently took their CMA certification test after 4 years of hard work. Pictured below are all of our students who are official Medical Assistants. Great Job! We are so proud of our members!

 HOSA Members who received their CMA certification: Brayden Mackey, Christy Landeros, Keila Gonzales, Bela Perez, Ana Rodriguez, Edith Mesta, Katie Malavar, Benny Rodriguez, Alexander Puente, Maryln Gonzalez-Cortez, and Cynova Laney.

What we've done

 Gainesville High School's Health Occupational Students of America program is an integral part of the medical community of North Texas as well as a major part of the community as a whole. HOSA hosts many events throughout the year that include wellness education, entertainment events and student mentoring.


Former Officers

President - Benny Rodriguez

Vice President - Keila Gonzalez

Secretaries: Zyla Alonso and Edith Mesta (not pictured)

Treasurer - Debora Castillo

Event Coordinators: Christy Landeros and Bullin Rutledge

Historian - Ava Blaskovich

Parliamentarian - Celeste Buenos Aries

Site Editors: Gustavo Rivas, Ava Blaskovich