Message from Head of School


Dear GAA Community,

Over the past two months we have had the privilege to witness an incredible range of GAA student artistic presentations; from “Aladdin Jr.”, “High School Musical”, and most recently the outstanding Middle School production of “Little Mermaid Jr.”

Additionally, over the same period, our 12th grade IB Art students showcased their truly impressive work, and our Secondary Band treated us to a Spring Concert and their repertoire of Jazz, Pop, and Movie songs. 

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to our amazing faculty and staff that made this possible for our students and enriched our wider community. Through the arts our GAA community came together with an increased sense of pride and belonging. 

At GAA we believe that a well-developed arts program is vitally important in the lives of our students. Not only as a creative outlet, but also to teach skills such as discipline, collaboration, and perseverance. The performances and exhibitions that we have seen show the hard work of our students and we are proud of what they have accomplished. 

As we move into Spring Break and begin the Holy Month of Ramadan, I extend my warmest wishes to all members of our community. Ramadan is a time of reflection, self-discipline, and spiritual renewal. I encourage us all to take this opportunity to learn more about Ramadan and the values it promotes as we embrace and celebrate the diversity of our community. 

I wish everyone a safe and peaceful break and blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem!

Robert Rinaldo

Head of School

Message from Assistant Principal to Head of School


أولياء الأمور الكرام

تحيّة طيبة وبعد

يسرُّ مدرسة أكاديميّة جيمس الأمريكيّة أن ترسل لكم مع حلول شهر رمضان المبارك أطيب التّهاني والتبريكات، أعاده اللّه علينا وعلى الأمة جمعاء باليمن و الخير والبركات سائلين المولى عزّ وجلّ أن يتقبل منّا ومنكم صالح الأعمال، و يُعيننا جميعًا على قيامه وصيامه، ويعيده علينا وعليكم باليمن والخير والبركات

نستقبل هذا الشّهر الفضيل الّذي يؤكد قوة العزيمة والإيمان وسماحة الدين الحنيف في الدّعوة إلى الله بالحكمة والموعظة الحسنة، وبإعلاء القيم السّاميّة والأخلاق الكريمة، وبإرساء مبادئ الأمن والأمان

 نسأل اللّه العظيم أن يعيننا الصّيام والقيام، وأن يحفظ الأمة جمعاء، ولا يسعنا في هذا الشّهر الفضيل سوى أن نتحلى بالصبّر والإيمان، ونشجع أبناءنا على صيامه وقيامه، وأ مناسكه، والاستمرار في ما نقدمه لهم خلال عمليّة تعلمهم بتوفير ما يضمن  لهم  خبرات تعلميّة ناجحة تساهم في بناء معرفتهم  وتراعي قدراتهم و مستوياتهم

عملنا على تعليم وتدريب طلابنا على استقبال هذا الشهر الفضيل، ومشاركة أقرانهم عاداتنا وتقاليدنا من باب الاعتزاز بالهوية والدين والتراث.          

كما نعمل على تنسيق إفطارًا جماعيًا في المدرسة بالتنسيق معكم من باب ربط الدين وما يتعلمه الطلاب بحياتهم وممارساتهم. وندعو جميع أولياء   الأمور على الحضور والمشاركة بإحضار الأطعمة ومشاركتها مع المجتمع المدرسي.                                                                                          

يرجى الضغط على هذا الرابط  والتسجيل في حال رغبتم في المشاركة معنا في هذا الإفطار المميز.                                                                        

نرجو من أولياء الأمور عدم التّردد في التّواصل معنا في حال وجود أي سؤال أو استفسار.                                                                                     

كما نرجو من اللّه عزّ وجلّ أن يديم على جميع البلاد الأمن والأمان والخير والصّحة والعافية

مبارك عليكم الشّهر الفضيل وتقبل الله صيامكم وقيامكم وطاعاتكم

نائب مدير المدرسة                                                                                                                                                                                 

سماح   عوض

Dear GAA Parents,

On behalf of the GAA community, I would like to greet you all for The Holy Month of Ramadan. This is a holy time as we commemorate and celebrate God's revelation of the Qur'an as a guide to humanity.

Ramadan is a particular time of year for all Muslims around the world. We are using this time to celebrate and foster a sense of community amongst students. Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and increased devotion to God, so it's important to provide activities that help students embrace these values and make the most of this month.  

We celebrated the arrival of the month of Ramadan at GAA through different activities and initiatives. By engaging in activities that involve multiple senses and that allow students to explore and express their creativity, students can gain a more holistic understanding of Ramadan. This will help them to learn more about the religious and cultural aspects of the month. 

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, and in our efforts to spread the month's spirit, we cordially invite you to share with us at GEMS American Academy Families Shared Ramadan Iftar on April 13, 2023.

We look forward to seeing all of our families in this Ramadan Gathering, and we thank you in advance for respecting the Islamic traditions in attire and food. 

Please submit this google form before 10 April 2023, so we can set the place up. 

May this Ramadan bring blessings for humanity so that we enjoy our lives with peace, harmony, and health! Happy Ramadan to everyone.


Samah Awad

Assistant Principal to Head of School


Achieve3000 has been helping international schools accelerate learning, increase access and engagement to interesting information, and improve English proficiency. 48 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and more than 5,000,000 students and 310, 500 teachers are currently experiencing the power of Achieve3000’s solutions firsthand.

GAA are very proud to celebrate Jihu "Eben" Jeon, Grade 5C, as top scorer in the world! Eben has earned points by reading articles and answering comprehension questions. He has been consistently scoring over 75% accuracy every time to earn bonus points. Eben has been top points scorer in Abu Dhabi many times and has now achieved world wide success. Congratulations Eben!

Ms Maureen and GAA are so proud of you!



Dear Families of Elementary Students:

We love celebrating at GAA and we are so incredibly grateful for all the generosity our families extend to our school and the students of GAA. As we come into a busy season of celebrations I would like to direct all of our parents to the elementary handbook page 12 regarding snacks, birthdays, and food sharing.  

Please note the following that we will be monitoring closely as we need to ensure the nutritional and dietary needs of all our families:

We are committed to providing a healthy school environment and celebrating our children is certainly part of a healthy culture. Thank you for adhering to the Handbook rules related to providing healthy foods and good communication to our school ahead of time so we can plan for special events.  

Page 12 of Elementary handbook:


At GAA, we encourage students to eat healthy, nutritious foods. Water is provided for all students, and students are required to bring their own refillable water bottles. Children should bring a healthy snack from home to eat during the morning break. Any food sent to school should not contain any nuts or nut products. Please ensure you send your students to school with a healthy packed lunch from home or order from the GAA ‘Slices Cafeteria’ link.


Birthdays can be celebrated in Kindergarten from 2:30pm onwards. Birthday celebrations in grade levels above Kindergarten are limited to a sharing of a cupcake/muffin or healthy snack during the class’s allocated snack time as these celebrations take away time from our teaching and learning. All snacks sent into school must be pre-approved by the class teacher and/or Vice-Principal. 

Reception must be informed of a delivery at least 24 hours in advance. Deliveries will be sent back if not approved. Class celebrations are arranged with the classroom teacher in advance. This will ensure that there are not multiple celebrations on one day. In connection with our ‘healthy food’ initiative, parents are encouraged to make appropriate choices when planning the celebration for their child. For birthdays we prefer snacks to be individually wrapped or in individual portions, such as fruit and vegetables. No birthday cakes please. For drinks, water is preferred. Please be aware that no soft drinks are allowed. Please arrange cups, plates or napkins, as the school does not provide these items. Please do not send hats, balloons, party favors or gift bags. Invitations to out of school birthday parties can only be sent via school if all students in the class are invited. If you plan to invite only a few classmates, please be aware that this can cause uncomfortable or awkward situations, and/or hurt feelings.


On March 14 and 15, members of our Student Support Team including three Learning Support Assistants attended the Inclusion and Wellbeing MENA 2023 Conference in Dubai. Attending Day One of the conference provided tips to identify and reduce barriers to learning. Attendees also gained knowledge that ensures high quality teaching and personalized, individualized learning, enabling the active involvement and inclusion of every student. The conference also provided knowledge on evaluating evidence of the impact of the curriculum and interventions. 

Day Two of the conference provided the attendees with a deeper knowledge of whole-school wellbeing as well as ways to equip students and staff to lead the way in ensuring a healthy and balanced culture where all can thrive and grow as confident individuals. 

Our Learning Support Assistants were able to attend on Day One seminars specifically for LSA’s. These seminars were specifically aligned to enhance the LSA skills and confidence with practical resources and strategies to support different needs in the classroom and encourage student independence. 




Reading Month Activities:

Ramadan Celebrations:

Parents & Students Cyber Security Guide

Parents & Students Cybersecurity Guide.pdf


ESM holiday camp would like to thank those parents who have already registered their children for the final week of the spring camp which starts on Sunday at GEMS American Academy Khalifa City.  

We are delighted to offer a discount of 50% for weekly bookings (AED450 after discount) for the camp week of the 27 – 31 March 2023 to the first 30 parents who register online.

This limited offer will be a first come first serve basis, to avail this amazing deal parents are required to register online through our website and use the discount code of ESMcamps50. (valid till the 3rd of April 2023 only) 

Your children will have a chance to kick back, learn something new and have some fun, while being active indoors taking part in our multi activity camp. 

As parents you will have peace of mind that your child is well looked after and enjoying the camp experience.

Below is a draft of the activities which will be taking place each day:




Holiday Camp Options: 

 If you have any questions, please do connect with us and we’ll help you as soon as possible, for more information please email us on   

 Looking forward to seeing all our young campers soon!

 ESM Holiday Camp Team



2022-2023 Yearbook pre-sales are now open! You can pre-order your copy for AED 175 through Parent Portal ( Activities section.


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