The decade of the 1920s is one of the best known in all of American history. The time period is remembered for upbeat, boisterous characteristics that earned the decade its nickname of “roaring”. As World War I came to a close, Americans dove into a whirlwind of changes in technology, fashion, and entertainment that created a modernizing “roar”. But did the decade really sizzle for everyone? Were the 20s the best of times for America, or did the decade actually have a darker side?

The path to answering these essential questions are secured in a 1920s time capsule, and only the craftiest of young historians will be able to find the codes to open the locks. Are you one of them? We will soon find out! Use the available document to record some notes about the major THEMES of decade and see if you can find the codes as you try to BREAKOUT OF THE 1920s!