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MyPortal, Google Classroom, GoGuardian, Benchmark Advance, Think Central, Brainpop, Destiny, and more!

MyPortal Instructions and Trouble Shooting Video

Accessing WVUSD MyPortal.pdf
MyPortal Troubleshooting.pdf

Google Classroom Student Tutorial

GoGuardian - Installing Chrome & Logging into Chrome Profile

Intalling Chrome & Adding a Chrome Profile.pdf

Benchmark Advance Instructions and Student Tutorial Video

Accessing Benchmark Education via MyPortal.pdf
Benchmark Advance Student Tutorial.mp4

How to Access Activities Assigned in Benchmark Advance

Think Central Instructions and Student Tutorial

Accessing Think Central via MyPortal.pdf
Think Central Assignment.MP4

Think Central Personal Math Trainer Student Tutorial

Adobe Flash Player Issues?

Click on the troubleshooting video below to learn how to enable Adobe Flash Player when using Mega Math or Math iTools

Brainpop Instructions and Student Tutorial

Brainpop Student Tutorial.pdf

Discovery Education Student Tutorial

Discovery Education Student Tutorial.pdf

Imagine Learning Student Tutorial

Imagine Learning Student Tutorial.pdf

Destiny Discover & Follett Shelf Student Tutorial

Destiny Student Tutorial

Voice Typing in Google Docs & Google Slides

Viewing Elementary Report Card in the Parent Portal

CAASPP & ELPAC Secure Browser