Our VISION is to be an internationally-recognized research group that collaborates with scientists and clinicians to solve problems relating to heart failure and contractile dysfunction.

Our MISSION is to:

If you are a patient, or you care about somebody who has heart disease, you can learn more about heart failure at Heart Failure 101.

We work as a team to integrate experimental and computational techniques with the goal of developing better therapies for patients who have heart failure. Working in collaboration with clinicians at the University of Kentucky, we have created a large biobank of human myocardium (>15,000 samples from ~550 organ donors and patients). We use these samples to accelerate translational research.

Our work is grounded in sarcomere-level mechanics and mathematical modeling but extends beyond the myofilaments to explore ventricular remodeling, organ-level function, whole-body hemodynamics, and myocardial recovery induced by ventricular unloading. 

Campbell Muscle Lab Overview