Kamran Binaee

Ph.D. in Imaging Science

Postdoctoral Researcher

Center for Neuroscience, University of Nevada, Reno, US

About me

I finished my Ph.D. in Imaging Science at Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. I worked with Dr. Gabriel Diaz at Perception For Movement (PerForM) lab. I Also had the opportunity to work with other great professors including Dr. Jeff Pelz, Dr. Flip Phillips and Dr. Chris Kanan. During my Ph.D. my focus was on three major research areas: 1) Developing Virtual/Augmented Reality systems, 2) Eye tracking in a VR system and developing spatial-temporal calibration routines for head mounted displays and 3) Computational modeling of human eye-hand coordination using machine learning techniques. I was previously a research intern at NVIDIA working with Dr. Joohwan Kim. My undergrad and Ms.C. degrees are in Electrical Engineering with focus on robotics and image processing. I recently joined the University of Nevada in Reno as a postdoctoral researcher. (Here is the link to our project, Visual Experience Database)