Coding Practice

CodingBat - A great site to complete short, simple programming problems in both Java and Python. Create an account to keep track of your progress!

Project Euler

UVa Online Judge

Sphere Online Judge

Hacker Rank


UT Dallas Computer Science Outreach

Cool Stuff

JEliot - Great way to "see" your code in action!

Mobile App Development

MIT App Inventor (web-based)

AppMakr (web-based)

AP Resources

APCS Multiple Choice Questions - Hosted by Georgia Tech, this site will generate a random question similar to the ones given on the AP Computer Science exam.

AP Computer Science College Board website for students

For Inspiration

For Girls

Girls Who Code

Black Girls Code

Made With Code - Google's initiative

NCWIT - National Center for Women & Information Technology

National Girls Collaborative Project - STEM

UT First Bytes Camp for Girls

Camps, Academics, and Seminars

iD Tech

UT Dallas CS Outreach

Contesting & UIL Computer Science

Official UIL site

UIL Help videos

HP CodeWars

Lockheed Martin Code Quest

Web Design

Free Code Camp

Code Academy (HTML)

IE Class