Dan Santat

Caldecott Award-Winning, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Illustrator


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All About Dan Santat

Dan Santat's parents moved to the United States from Thailand before he was born. Thailand is on the continent of Asia near Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. He likes to incorporate his Thai heritage in the books that he illustrates. You can see how he incorporated his Thai culture into his illustrations in the book Drawn Together by Minh Le.

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Dan Santat as a child and Dan Satant on his birthday October 2, 2020

The Santat Family 2019 (from left to right Dan, Alek, Leah and Kyle)

Dan Santat's Influences

Dan Santat had help in becoming the great author and illustrator that he is today. Watch this video and discover which famous author and illustrator helped him grow as an artist.

2018 Dan Santat The Van Show Interview


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