School's to Watch Re-Designation

Sunnymead Middle School staff and students believe in a strong international based 21st century learning curriculum. We have an exceptional offering of academic programs for our students, guided by our commitment to do "whatever it takes" to create an empowered community of lifelong learners, as our mission statement proclaims. Since our 2015-16 school year, we have implemented, and are currently using, a wide array of programs and strategies that ensure academic excellence for all students.

Our SPIRIT model, which was created in 2017-18 by our on-site SPIRIT team, embodies the following statement: We are Safe! We are Peacemakers! We can make an Impact! We will Revise! We will Inspire! We are Trustworthy! The goal of this statement is to improve academics by making sure students feel safe, and that they are making peaceful decisions. Their decisions should make an impact and inspire their peers to be trustworthy model students.