7th Grade AVID

6th Grade AVID

6th Grade AVID

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID's ultimate goal is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and career readiness, and success in our global society. AVID will help its students develop by honing in on a myriad of skills. Our vehicle to student success is WICOR. WICOR philosophy stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. AVID students will engage is many lessons, and motivational and enrichment activities in which they will practice all aspects of WICOR. Students will learn how to be well organized, study effectively, and think critically throughout the rigorous program so to help make college attainable. Additionally, because AVID is a college readiness program, we also are guests to guided college tours. Whether it be a UC, Cal State or city colleges, students will get to learn about various colleges, and learn what it takes to be a successful college student and prepare for their dream career.

Throughout this AVID page, you will read and view images of content that perfectly illustrates the practice of WICOR. Have fun navigating the page!

AVID Weekly Schedule

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays are curriculum days

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Tutorial Days

Every other Fridays we have team building activities.

Curriculum Days

Students practice WICOR with various assignments and projects. That includes researching, reading, annotating text, and discussion. Students develop in writing with their research practices as well as working on their Write Off essays.

Tutorial Days

Every Tuesday and Thursday, students are to arrive to class with a Tutorial Request Form (TRF) pre-work complete. These forms are filled with work students have from a core class in which they have the opportunity to ask additional questions and receive further support. Tutorials are guided by small peer groups and a college tutors.

Binder Check Days

The binder is a requirement for students. The binder is used to help students keep all their school work organized throughout the year. Additional, students are challenged to complete Focus Notes or Cornell Notes for each content class. As well as fill in their weekly agenda, and grade check form so they are constantly aware of their assignments and grades.

Life Saver Go Carts

Partner Drawing

Saran Wrap Challenge

Tower Power

Cup Tower

Pringles Ring Challenge

Big Block Jenga

Human Knot

Marshmallow Tower

Chain Length

Grinch Drawing

A lesson on how to draw the Grinch by our very own student Alyssa Puente.

Career Research Presentation

Read Across America

AVID students took a walking field trip to Cloverdale Elementary to read to children amazing Dr. Seuss stories. Palm AVID students were able to get back to their roots of elementary and demonstrate their confidence and speaking skills when presenting themselves to their fellow Moreno Valley students. Additionally, they were able to visit their former teachers, and some visited their younger siblings.

AVID 2018-19 8th Grade Student Standout

RIMS AVID celebrated a Standout student for middle schools in Riverside County. Palm AVID was lucky enough to have many wonderful students; one of which was our amazing Nahomy Hernandez. She is an exceptional and outstanding student. Her leadership, intelligence, kindness, resourcefulness and charisma make her a standout student and person anywhere. She utilizes wonderfully every skill she honed while in AVID for her success. She collaborates with her peers, teachers, and her family to bring out the best in everyone and herself. She is determined to succeed and achieve her college dream.

AVID 2019-20 8th Grade Student Standout

Tiara is an exceptional and phenomenal student and young lady. Tiara is a student who, on an everyday basis, exemplifies what it means to be kind and caring, resourceful, prideful in success, intelligent, and an outstanding AVID student. She takes on any challenges that is presented to her, and applies every skill she has developed in her life and in AVID to master such challenges. She is a wonderful leader as well as a team player with all her peers, teachers, and her family. Tiara's can-do-attitude and determination produce an excellent driving force that will guide her to achieving her college, career, and lifelong goals.

AVID 2021-22 8th Grade Student Standout

Alyssa, a high spirited and passionate soul, was able to step foot in the classroom once again and model the ideal AVID student. Throughout the year, Alyssa has personified tenacity, passion, determination, and extraordinary leadership and teammate. Her capacity to exercise vulnerability by leading in the class, sharing, leading discussion, and even leading a couple self-designed lesson plans is another exceptional reason for Alyssa Puente being Palm Middle School’s RIMS AVID Student Standout.

UCLA vs. Colorado

Football Game

College Door Decoration

1st Place 2019-20

The image to the right depicts the amazing team work AVID instills in its students. My AVID section took on the school-wide challenge to decorate our classroom door with a college of our choice. We went with Notre Dame Fighting Irish. All students were responsible for a particular piece of the project, and together we earned 1st place for the school year! We won a pizza party from our amazing counselors, as well as bragging rights.