Nurse Alivia's Virtual Office


Hello! I am a traveling school nurse for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. I regularly serve McNeil, Razdolna, Voznesenka, Kachemak Selo, and Susan B. English.  My goal is to partner with students, parents, and school staff to keep your kids healthy, safe, and ready to learn! 

You can reach me at or at the numbers below:

McNeil Canyon Elementary (235-8181 ext. 4733)

Razdolna School (235-6870 ext. 4905)

Voznesenka School (235-8549 ext. 5316)

Kachemak Selo School (235-5552 ext. 5604)

Susan B. English (234-7616 ext. 1606)  

You can also video conference with me at: 


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