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Spring Activities

Balance Ideas

Playing hopscotch in the driveway, and use sidewalk chalk to set up your board. Use a small stone to determine which square you need to move around.

Use Sidewalk Chalk to draw out rectangles for pretend Ladder Stepping drills.

Stand on one leg on the floor. Stand on one leg while standing on a pillow. Stand on one leg while playing catch.

Stand Heel-to-Toe while playing catch.

Pretend you are a.... (large tree, skinny tree, airplane, table, horse, a crescent moon).

Walk along a line, Walk along a curb, Tiptoe on the line, Tiptoe across a curb, Stand on one foot on a line/ curb...

Hop on one leg in place. Hop on one leg side to side. Hop on one leg front to back. Hop on one leg in a pattern of your choice.

Energizers! Choose one for the week!

Sports Energizer.mp4

Olympic Energizer

Grinch Energizer.mp4

Grinch Energizer

space energizer.mp4

Space Energizer

Stretching Activities

You can choose the task below, or do your own search on YouTube for Cosmic Kids Yoga, and find one that looks like fun for you. There are several to choose from, and that way you can decide which one looks interesting. Or, you can connect directly to the Cosmic Kids site, and register to get the latest activities.

Fun Links to Motor Tasks

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