Counselors and Contact Information

Michael Painter:

Phone: 843-358-5079

Julie Hearn

Phone: 843-358-5070

J Baylis Hyman

Phone: 843-358-5074

Fax: 843-358-5066

Registering your student

  • To register your student for school, you will need to fill out enrollment paperwork online once the pre-registration is completed. Documents needed for enrollment: the student’s legal birth certificate, social security card, and immunization records. We also require proof of residency for our attendance area. This should be either a utility bill, lease agreement, or your deed to your purchased property.

  • All students, regardless of age, must be enrolled by a parent or authorized guardian. If you are an acting guardian, we will require proof of guardianship at the time of enrollment.

  • Although not necessary at the time of registration, please bring any school test scores, current grades, report cards, Individual Education Plans, and/or 504 plans your student may have. This aids in the process of requesting records from your student's former school.

Please note:

  • If you are transferring your student from another school within Horry County, you will need to bring with you a copy of your withdrawal form from the previous school the and proof of residency for your new residence.

Can we change my student's schedule/ exploratory classes?

Students were given the opportunity to select exploratory class preferences back in June. Efforts were made to try to get students at least one class of their preference. Due to the current schedule, limitations with class sizes, and the need for class rosters for teachers to prepare seating assignments there will be no drop adding of exploratory classes. If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s core academic placement, please contact Guidance.

Guidance Referral

Middle school is a time when many students need help coping with difficult situations. These could be due to academic, personal, or social struggles. Please complete this form to notify a guidance counselor that you, or someone you care about, may need someone to talk to. Remember - if this is an emergency, notify a counselor or administrator immediately at 843.358-6000.

Interested in placement in Gifted & Talented?

This form is to be completed by any parent or guardian who wishes to refer a student for placement in the gifted and talented program. Please send the completed referral form and any attachments to the Gifted and Talented Office at the address indicated above or email the form to by September 16, 2020. It will be a parent responsibility to ensure that student is present during the specific test days that each school selects for testing.

Time management Strategies for Students

Parenting Tips