Gifted and Talented

Eric Dahlstrom Middle School

2021 - 2022

This school year we are excited to have time built into the daily schedule to meet the needs of our Gifted and Talented students. During PIE Time, the students are allowed to create, investigate, research a multitude of topics. The purpose of this page is to inform parents of Gifted and Talent services, news, and any other general information. If you are the parent of a GT student, we want to challenge your student in a meaningful way.

Gifted Students: The Summer Months (online)


This slideshow provides information for our Gifted and Talented parents. Complied by Tish Cawley, this information will let your students have some fun in the sun!


Please join the Schoology group for parents of Gifted/Talented students using code PPW5-P8P8-ZK3B2.

Do you have a gifted and talented child? Are you looking for some ideas and support from other parents to help you understand your child’s social and emotional needs? If so, please join the Facebook Group created by Jennifer Storm, a parent at Elm Grove. She created this support group and would love for you to join and share ideas. For more information, click on THIS LINK.


Know someone who is doing an awesome job supporting the needs of gifted and advanced students? Nominate them today for the G/T Spotlight Award here:

G/T Spotlight Award Recipient 2022:

Ms. Lantrip provides amazing opportunities in her class and across our campus to engage our G/T students in meaningful projects. She’s the master of differentiated instruction in her classroom and has found creative ways to group students through the use of break out rooms that connect both virtual and In-Person learners. Her instruction often extends beyond the 4 walls of her classroom by engaging students in outdoor investigations that revolves around inquiry-based learning. In addition to serving the g/t students in her science classroom, Ms. Lantrip also leads a g/t advisory class in which students develop, lead, and conduct their own projects based on personal interests. Ms. Lantrip is a consistent leader among her fellow teachers and a true advocate for students, and she deserves to be recognized for the important work she does every day.

Cara works so hard to diversify for the GT kids not just in her class but with everyones else's too. She spends a great deal of time working on engaging lessons to challenge their learning styles. She is a tremendous asset to our campus.

Featured Projects - Extreme TIC TAC TOE

Students working on building a Think Win-Win perspective!

UIL Events Description & Coach

Academic UIL - Saturday February, 2022

    • We want our GT students to be in Academic UIL. In fact we NEED them to be in Academic UIL. Please talk to your students about joining. For more information about what is available and who is the Coach in charge of each event see UIL Events Description & Coach. Check in with coaches to see when weekly practice is held.

GT-Roller Coaster Project
Monster Rollercoaster Sample