Chapa MS Cougar Choir

WELCOME: The Cougar Choirs of Chapa Middle School are designed to give your student a well-rounded choral music experience. Our motto is Establishing a Tradition of Excellence, where we focus on helping each student and choir build skills and knowledge to lay a foundation for success – while at the same time fostering the skill sets that are already there. Together with many voices, we can become one and work not only as a choir, but as a family – we succeed together.

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How to add to your phone

Please follow the following instructions to download the calendar to your phone.


Go into the Settings app

  1. Touch "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  2. Under Acounts, touch "Add Account"
  3. n the Add Account screen, touch "Other"
  4. Under Calendars, touch "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  5. For the Server value, enter the URL of the public calendar:

  1. Touch "Next" in the upper right corner.
  2. It will verify the server then show a subscription page. Change the description if you like.
  3. Touch "Save" to save the subscription.


In your Google calendar on a real computer:

  1. Under "Other Calendars" click the Add link.
  2. Select "Add by URL"
  3. Enter the following URL:

  1. Click "Add Calendar"
  2. Google will begin to sync your calendar, and it will appear on the screen.
  3. Click "Settings"
  4. Change the long name of the new calendar to something you will remember such as "Charms Calendar"
  5. Your phone should automatically be set to sync with your Google calendar.
  6. On your phone: Click on "Calendar", then bring up the settings for the calendar. Click on Calendar Sync. You should see your google account listed already. Make sure Auto-Sync is checked.