Harbins Elementary 



Our Purpose

At Harbins Elementary School, we will provide programming that will challenge our gifted students to be critical problem solvers, think creatively, identify and solve real-world problems, conduct thoughtful research/exploration, and develop and deliver a variety of authentic products that demonstrate understanding in order to be successful in their future endeavors.  We strive to provide a rigorous academic environment specifically designed to meet the unique needs of gifted and high ability students to produce self-directed, life-long learners who will become productive citizens. 

What are we currently doing in FOCUS?

1st grade FOCUS will continue to work on our convergent and deductive thinking.  This is where we think like a detective to analyze clues and find the correct answers.  Students will also be using a variety of texts and resources to research a bird of their choice. The students will complete a research project, use 2-D shapes to build a model, and design and create their own bird feeder.

In our current second grade rotations we will be starting a novel study of the book Frindle, by Andrew Clements.  This is a creative and quirky novel that will allow for great discussion and activities about text details, character traits and motives, and creative thinking.  We will also be problem solving with math as we use our advanced thinking in critical thinking tasks.  

In our current 3rd grade rotations we will be using our right brain to learn about and apply visual thinking, completing a multidisciplinary snowflake unit, and studying the principals and foundational concepts of equivalent fractions! 

In our current 4th grade rotations we will be moving into a robotics problem solving unit,  demonstrating fluency and flexibility when solving problems to create bridges, and reading to compare and contrast different non-fiction texts. 

In 5th grade we will be continuing our study of Shakespeare to study and perform plays, participating in the “Great Debate” as we learn to support and defend opinions respectfully, and starting book clubs with Mrs. Bailey!  They will be analyzing characters, determining complex themes and making elaborate inferences as they read. 

Resources for Parents of Gifted Students:

Please use the following resources to learn about how you can best support your child.

😀  Activity Sites You Can Use!  (for yourself or your kids!)  😀

Mrs. Parker's virtual classroom

Use the links to find a variety of strategy games and creativity activities.


Activities and resources to help develop mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills.

Mensa Games

Games that entertain and challenge the brain!  This page also includes a link to Mensa for Kids games to access more!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year in the photos below!

23-24 FOCUS Curriculum Night

Are you looking for a way to support our program?

We have an Amazon Wish List of items that we would love to have for the FOCUS program.  Click the link and check it out if you wish!  😊

 How do we serve gifted identified students at Harbins?

We use the following models in our school to serve gifted students:

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