Student Handbook

Emporia State University Hornets,

You are part of the proud Hornet Nation that values Excellence, Respect, Responsibility and Service. My name is Lynn Hobson, Dean of Students, and I am excited you have made the decision to take full advantage of the excellent educational opportunities available at Emporia State University found in the formal classroom and by participating in out-of-classroom organizations, programs, and leadership opportunities!

First-Year Students – during the next few months you will be transitioning into this new journey in your lives, socially, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. We are here to be supportive and encouraging for you as a new student.

Upper Class Students – as you return to campus and continue on your path toward graduation be proud of your accomplishments thus far and keep in mind that you are leading the way as mentors, friends, assistants, coworkers, and fellow learners to first year students.

As students at Emporia State University you have rights and responsibilities. One of the main resources available to help you become familiar with those right and responsibilities is this Handbook. At any point when you need further information, a person to listen to you or caring advice to help you on your journey, the Dean of Student’s Office is here for you. You may contact me at any time by email at, by phone, 341-5269, or by stopping by the office, room 260 on the second floor of the Memorial Union.

Our campus enjoys tremendous community support, so venture out, make connections, and truly become part of the Emporia State University and Emporia, Kansas community. Together we can make a difference.

Go Hornets!

Lynn Hobson

Dean of Students

Welcome, Hornets!

My name is Lucy Steyer, and I am the Student Body President of Emporia State University. Lauren Moon is the Vice President, and we are both truly honored to be representing and serving you as the Student Body!

There are many important components when it comes to transitioning into the college realm. It is critical that students are knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities both in and out of the classroom. This Student Handbook is a tremendous resource guide for you to use! It provides you with your privileges, but also the multitude of resources that our campus has to offer.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the Student Handbook, feel free to email me at, stop by my office at MU 155B in the Center for Student Involvement, or contact me by phone at (620) 641-5494.

No other campus will give you the Hornet Nation experience, so you might as well make it one to remember forever. Raise your stinger, meet new people, get involved, and find the beauty and fun at Emporia State!

With Hornet Pride,

Lucy Steyer


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