About the book

"This book stands out in a crowd. Its intelligence is so lively, its music so uncommon, its humors so black, that no pious prettinesses can compete. Ed Dupree knows when to let a lyric rip, and when to keep it all sewn up. The love of language here is not just playful: it's working the wherewithal. Dupree's discretion is precise, and his sense of the heart of the matter is sure; he can be mordantly funny, exquisitely observant. His perspectival range is startling; his lens can zoom, and it has cross-hairs in it. Prosthesis is that rare thing among collections of poetry these days: an exciting book to read."

Heather McHugh , 1994 Final Judge

ISBN 1-878325-10-8 (Cloth)

ISBN 1-878325-11-6 (Paper)

About the author

Edison Dupree was born in Kinston, North Carolina, attended the public schools there, and later studied at several branches of the North Carolina university system, graduating from NCSU, Raleigh, in 1985. He lived for many years in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina, where he worked at a variety of jobs. His poems have appeared in many journals, including Beloit Poetry Journal, The Iowa Review, The Missouri Review, Ploughshares, Poetry Northwest, and Southern Poetry Review and he has received fellowships from the North Carolina Arts Council and the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. He is currently employed at the Harvard University library. Prosthesis is his first collection of poems.