Meet the Team

District Level Support

Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum

Director of Early Childhood Education

Elementary Social Studies Coordinator

Bilingual and ESL Coordinator

Elementary Math Coordinator

Elementary Science Coordinator

Elementary Language Arts Coordinator

Facilitator of Instructional Programs

Reading Recover Leader

Reading Recovery Leader/ Teacher

District Instructional Coaches: Pre-K

District Instructional Coaches: Braswell Zone

Cross Oaks Elementary

Paloma Creek Elementary

Sandbrock Ranch Elementary

Savannah Elementary

Union Park Elementary

Bell Elementary

Providence Elementary

District Instructional Coaches: Denton Zone

Houston Elementary

Reading Academy Cohort Leader

Evers Elementary

WS Ryan Elementary

Borman Elementary

Newton Rayzor Elementary

Alexander Elementary

District Instructional Coaches: Guyer Zone

Blanton Elementary

Hawk Elementary

McNair Elementary

Adkins Elementary

EP Rayzor Elementary

Nelson Elementary

District Instructional Coaches: Ryan Zone

Ginnings Elementary

Nette Shultz Elementary

Stephens Elementary

Rivera Elementary

Hodge Elementary

Pecan Creek Elementary

Reading Academy Cohort Leader