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John H. Guyer High School - Denton, TX

Welcome to the Guyer Orchestra website!

Since its inception in 2005, the Orchestra Program at Guyer High School has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in North Texas. Rhapsody, the Varsity ensemble, has twice ranked as a finalist in the elite Texas Honor Orchestra Competition, initially in 2009-2010 (ranking 10th as a 4A school), and again in 2016-2017 (ranking 8th as a 6A). In 2009 and 2017, the orchestra received National recognition when they were named "National Winners" in the Mark of Excellence National Honors Program.. Excellence, enjoyment, responsibility, and integrity are the core principles that drive the success of this program. With these principles, we continue to fulfill our mission of providing Guyer students with the highest quality string program possible.

Please contact the directors with any questions about participation and/or the audition process. Use the links above to navigate this site.

Current Online Orchestra Forms:

Solo and Ensemble Music Selection Form (All Students fill this out)

UIL Solo and Ensemble Official Entry Form : (only students wishing to compete/participate in UIL Solo and Ensemble fill out this form)


Login to keep track of calendar, payments, etc. at:

The Guyer Orchestra Login is: GuyerHSOrch

Once you log into our Guyer Orchestra Page, you can log into your personal account using your student's ID number and the password you create.



All of our lessons, assignments, and information for our course will be in Canvas. Students: Go to your Single Sign On Portal to sign in to your District account, then click on the Canvas icon.


Here are the Zoom codes for our classes. Please use your full name when joining your class so we know who you are to admit you.

Zoom Meeting Schedule and Codes.

Zoom schedule:

Philharmonic: 2:10 (B4) with HANLON

Scherzo: 10:10 (B2) with ATKINS, 2:10 A4 at with ATKINS

Cadenza: 10:10 (A2) with HANLON

Intermezzo: 11:45 (B3) with ATKINS

Rhapsody: 11:45 (A3) with HANLON

Zoom Codes:

If you are meeting with Ms Hanlon

Meeting ID: Meeting ID: 904 370 4274

Passcode: music


If you are meeting with Mr Atkins

Meeting ID: Meeting ID: 372 922 1743

Password: music


Orchestra Student Leadership (Officers)

President Urjitha Vardhineni, 12th

VP/Head Historian Nuha Syed, 12th

Treasurer/Head Minion Gianna Haddad, 12th

Head Social Officer Ah-Young Kim, 11th

Head Librarian Peyton Johnson, 12th

Head Stage Crew/Minion Eta Tako, 11th

Historian Hannah von Suskil, 11th

Historian Lindsay Sciarrino, 10th

Social Officer Jackson Williams, 11th

Social Officer Gretchen Belinski, 12th

Librarian Viana Columna, 10th

Librarian Audrey Lee, 10th

Librarian Sydney Wall, 10th

Stage Crew/Minion Joseph Hwang, 11th

Stage Crew/Minion Carter Williams, 9th

Minion Zain Ali, 10th

Minion Chistian Cruz, 9th

Minion Taya Martinez, 9th

Private Lesson Sign Up Form

Please fill out this form if you would like contact information for private teachers who are on the DISD Approved list. More information about the Private Lesson program can be found in the Orchestra Handbook.

Why be a 4 year Orchestra Student at Guyer?

Check out the Denton ISD Pathways information.

How can I fit orchestra in my schedule for 4 years?

Check out sample schedules and quotes from prominent college admissions staff about the importance of staying in the fine arts.