DHS Aikido Club

DHS Aikido Club started as Connor Sellers's MYP project- "Will Teaching Aikido Make Me a Better Aikido Student?" He was, at the time, a member of the Denton Dojo on Oak Street. To answer his question, he had to find members, form a club, and find a space to practice in order to conduct his research and answer his question. The club has continued to serve the school as a place for students to learn a martial art of self-defense.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that integrates joint locks, throws, and off balancing techniques to subdue attackers. Aikido’s hallmark is its intention for causing as little injury as possible in a conflict. Aikido is all about balance, coordination, and synchronization. Size and strength are not part of the equation; you use your opponent’s size and strength against them. We focus on learning and applying the basics of the art in a safe environment. Aikido's graceful moves and strategy also serve as a metaphor for the non-violent resolution of conflict and for the avoidance of stress by seeking creative solutions. Aikido's goal is to promote "the achievement of personal virtue as a step to universal harmony."

Membership is open to all students, faculty, and staff, as long as we have mat space.

Students are admitted to the beginning techniques as soon as they pay the $15/yr dues and have parents sign the waiver. Attendance and grades matter, just as they do in any other extracurricular activity.

There are written and performance exams to move from skill level to skill level. We can't grant rank or belts, but we do follow a set curriculum, and award certificates of achievement based on attainment of skill, not time in the practice hall.

DHS Aikido Club is affiliated with and has a working partnership with Aikido of Denton on South Elm Street (Denton Martial Arts Center). Membership in DHS Aikido Club currently allows members to attend one free lesson per week at the Elm Street facility.

Membership and study in other dojos or other martial arts is at the students' expense.