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9th Grade Guidance Lesson: Preparing for your future- GPA Game Day🎓

Today(October 6, 2023), School Counselors conducted a guidance lesson for Freshman students, on understanding how grades and choices can affect post-secondary choices and creating motivation to achieve while in school. To the right, is a parent checklist which will help you in discussing and planning for your child’s post-secondary goals:

Parent Checklist


23-24 Large Bell Schedule - Final.pdf

2023-2024 Bell Schedule

 Meet SVHS School Counselors

Ms. Tanya Zubire

Student Last Names: A-COP

Ms. Kelli Gates

Student Last Names: COR-HAF

(830) 885-1060

Ms. Ayanna Bush

Student Last Names: HAG-MAR

Ms. Jasmine Wills

Student Last Names: MAS-RIB

(830) 885-1072

Ms. Robyn Steffen

Student Last Names: RIC-U  

(830) 885-1021

Ms. Becca Thornton

Student Last Names: V-Z 

(830) 885-1056