Pieper Ranch MS Library

Jessica Powell-Librarian/ECHO Admin


Library: 830-885-9636

Library Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm (M-F)

Check calendar to sign up for library visitation openings and other library events. We have two spaces in the library that can be booked! I will almost always hold my classes on the side closest to the C wing, however the space closer to the office can also be booked simultaneously. Please email me if you would like to reserve one of our spaces for research, co-teaches, or space to work on group projects. I will also house the computer lab calendar on here. Look forward to collaborating with you!

Operation #PRMSReads

Students! I want to hear ALL about what you're reading, OR what you think I NEED to read, OR what books our library needs, OR what activities you'd like to see in our library!

Complete a quick survey to help get our new library off to a VICTORIOUS VIPER START!


iPads Gifted to PRMS Library and Students!

Thanks to Mr. Romeo Spino of Stratascorp and Mrs. Vonna Purtell, PTSA representative, for their generous donation of 10 iPads for our students! So excited to see technology innovation further supported with these amazing resources!