The Clemson Offroad Club was created by a group of Clemson students in the fall of 2004. Many, having come from local 4wd clubs from around the east coast, were eager to get on some new trails and meet others in the area. After seeing how there was no organization in the Clemson area and the never ending accounts of people wheeling illegally the group knew something had to be done.

The fall of 2004 brought many new wheelers to the Clemson area. The first core group of the club was made up of Brooks Bickley, Kirby Kirby, David Minton, Max Thomason, Brian Mcguire, Hudson Thompson, and Ross Umberger. This adventurous group of wheelers slowly found each other through the use of flyers and internet forums. The first Club meeting was held at the Wendys on Hwy 123 in Clemson and 20-30 people attended. That first meeting was used to discuss where they would meet in the future and how to communicate. They soon convinced the administrator of the USJEEPS.com forum to add a section for them so that they were able to communicate with club members easily.

The Clemson Offroad Club was officially recognized by Clemson University in the Spring of 2005. Since then, the Clemson Offroad Club has become part of the Clemson experience for many people, with trips all over the southeast and as far west as Moab, Utah.

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