Tutoring at the Academic Success Center

Free ASC Tutoring is available by 1:1 virtual appointment through CU Navigate. Free virtual small group sessions are also available for select courses.

1:1 Appointment Tutoring

CU Navigate Student Instructions.pdf

Access our appointment tutors through CU Navigate. For step by step instructions, see the document above or click here.

Summer 2021 Supported Courses:

  • BIOL 1030/1040

  • CH 1010/1020/2010/2230/2240

  • ECON 2110/2120

  • MATH 1020/2070

  • MATH 1040/1070

  • MATH 1060/1080

  • PHYS 1220/2210

While we always encourage students to utilize free ASC drop-in tutoring for courses that we support, we are excited to promote our partnership with Tutor Matching Service (TMS) as an additional resource for Clemson students. This is an online tutor list/marketplace that allows students to identify tutors for both online and in person tutoring sessions. To allow tutors more time to support students, TMS facilitates scheduling, booking, and payments. Tutors set their own rates and clients pay directly through TMS with a credit card. For more information on Tutor Matching Service, please check here.

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