Tutoring at the Academic Success Center

Summer 2024 Service Schedule

ASC Tutoring Sessions Begin: May 14th 

Support Pauses: 

Memorial Day – May 24-27

Summer Break – June 19-23

Independence Day – July 4-6

ASC Tutoring Support Ends: July 31st

Instructors and Campus Partners Additional Information

Summer 2024 Supported Courses:

We are offering virtual, 1:1 sessions for our summer courses. 

Select Virtual as the "Meeting Type" to see all available appointments.

Additional Summer Support:

Support for BIOL 2220/2230: PAL Support 

Writing Lab (Cooper Library): 

Visit the Writing Lab for your writing assignments

Study Skills Tutoring Sessions Offered*

Are you looking to brush up on your notetaking, studying habits, or comprehension techniques?  If so, these 30 minute tutoring sessions are for you! In a study skills tutoring session, you guide the session by letting your tutor know what you hope to accomplish, and they can provide strategies to support your goal. This may include:

*This type of session does not cover specific course material.

CU Navigate Student Instructions 2021.pdf

CU Navigate Instructions

All tutoring appointments are available through CU Navigate. 

This document provides Step-by-Step instructions for scheduling 

a tutor appointment in CU Navigate! 

Students can schedule appointments as far as 14 days in advance or as little as one hour in advance. 

ASC Tutoring No Show Policy:

To ensure our tutors can support as many students as possible, a “No Show” policy is in place with ASC Tutoring. This policy prohibits students who have missed two scheduled appointments or had two late cancellations within a two-week time frame from scheduling additional appointments. This time frame is measured over a rolling period of two weeks from the first marked no-show.  


Students will be marked as a no-show after 10 minutes (for a 30-minute appointment) or 15 minutes (for a 60-minute appointment). Additionally, students who cancel within 6 hours of their scheduled appointment time will be marked as a “late cancellation no-show.” Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns regarding this policy and its implementation to ASC Tutoring at tutor@g.clemson.edu.

Can't find your course?

Below are a few places that we encourage you to look to for assistance beyond our office 

or if ASC Tutoring or Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) are not provided for your course:

Departmental Resources: Ask your instructor and/or TA about any resources available through the department or any that may not be listed on the departmental website.

Fellow Classmates: Some of your classmates may already be hosting a study group that you could join, or they may be interested in joining a study group that you form on your own! The Study Buddies feature in CU Navigate is a great option for joining study groups. Study Buddies will appear as its own icon in the Explore navigation guide of the mobile app and between Appointments and Resources on the desktop version of CU Navigate.

Academic Coaching: Academic Coaching at the ASC allows students to see themselves, their skills, and their study habits from a fresh perspective through one-on-one sessions focused on learning and personal success strategies. Students can schedule free coaching appointments through CU Navigate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is appointment tutoring through CU Navigate?

While our tutors are ready and excited to support you, we want to ensure they can easily keep track of their appointments and be adequately prepared for each one. Using CU Navigate allows the tutor to get reminders about their upcoming appointments and update their availability quickly.

Can I access CU Navigate if I don't have a smartphone?

Absolutely! You can log into the desktop version here.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule your appointment through the CU Navigate platform or through the your CU Navigate app. On your laptop, once in CU Navigate, you will select the blue Schedule an Appointment button. On the app, you will select the Appointments tab. Both options will walk you through a few quick steps to assist you in scheduling an appointment with the appropriate tutor.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Review your notes and textbook and attempt practice problems so that you have specific questions/goals ready for your tutor session. Respond to the Appointment Info Form found in your tutor's Special Instructions. This will allow your appointment to be tailored to your needs and the tutor will work to address your questions.

How do I cancel an appointment?

In your Upcoming Appointments list to the right of your screen, select the tutor appointment you wish to cancel. In the Manage my Appointment box, click Cancel my Attendance. Provide a reason for the cancellation by selecting the drop down list under Reason. Click Mark as Cancelled. *Please note that cancelling less than hour before your appointment can result in suspension of tutor appointment privileges.

Why can't I see any available appointments?

There may be a few reasons that you are unable to see appointments for your course: