Tutoring at the Academic Success Center

The Last day of Tutoring will be on Thursday Dec. 6th. Please continue to plan ahead as you study for finals.

The ASC offers FREE drop-in group tutoring and tutoring appointments for over 100 courses Clemson courses.

Most tutoring is offered in the Class of '56 Academic Success Center Building on the first floor in both the open, tabled study space and tutoring rooms. Tutors wear name tags and signs on tables identify the specific courses.

Tutoring is an active-learning activity that can help you develop the skills and mindset you need to master a subject. If you find the content in a course challenging, our trained peer tutors can help. Free tutoring is offered for over 100 undergraduate courses. Please review our tutoring schedule and attend discuss difficult course concepts, ask questions, and work practice problems with a trained peer tutor:

Drop-in Tutoring

MATHLab: Provides an interactive study space for students enrolled in MATH 1040/1060/1070/1080 and MATH 1020/2070 on Mon-Thurs 12:00-4:30 ASC 1st Floor Orange Tutor Zone


  • A limited number of appointments are available for CH 1010 and STEM Math courses. BEFORE booking an appointment, please read all policies and instructions.

Additional Resources

Don't see your course listed on one of the tutoring pages? If you need assistance and have already verified that your course is not supported by PAL or tutoring, please complete our Course Assistance Request Form. After you submit the completed request form, an ASC staff member will contact you for a follow-up meeting to learn more about your needs.

While we always encourage students to utilize free ASC drop-in tutoring for courses that we support, we are excited to promote our partnership with Tutor Matching Service as an additional resource for Clemson students. This is an online tutor list/marketplace that allows students to identify tutors for both online and in person tutoring sessions. To allow tutors more time to support students, TMS facilitates scheduling, booking, and payments. Tutors set their own rates, and clients pay directly through TMS with a credit card. For more information on Tutor Matching Service, please check here.