Marching Band Facts

There are many misconceptions concerning what Marching Band is (and is not). This guide has been created to "set the record straight" on a number of rumors that often permeate in 8th grade and high school.

Rumor #1: "You can not participate in Marching Band and sports."

Reality: We have many members of the Marching Band who participate in sports. Yes, some fall sports do conflict with Marching Band, but most sports do not. Please talk to the band directors about your situation before making any assumptions about what may or may not work.

Rumor #2: "Marching Band is too physically demanding."

Reality: The number one priority of the band directors and staff is to keep you healthy and happy. You will never be forced to do anything that could cause you injury. Is it challenging? Sometimes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The work you put in is rewarded with an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. This may not hit you until our first competition, but when it does, it will be like nothing you have felt before!

Rumor #3: "Marching Band is not cool in high school."

Reality: The Marching Band is highly regarded and respected among staff and students alike at Fort Zumwalt South High School. Our principal and head football coach, for example, are huge supporters of what we do. Students admire our hard work, dedication, and winning tradition.

Rumor #4: "It is impossible to memorize all the music."

Reality: Hundreds of students just like you have been memorizing their show music for decades. During Band Camp and rehearsals, we work through the music in small, manageable chunks at a slow, deliberate pace. Students rarely have any trouble memorizing the music.

Rumor #5: "Marching Band takes up all of your free time."

Reality: If you have ever played a sport or been in a club, you know that while there is definitely a time commitment, it does not take up all of your time. Marching Band is very similar. Plus, Marching Band only goes from July to October.

Rumor #6: "In order to do band in high school, you have to be in the Marching Band."

Reality: At Fort Zumwalt South High School, you are not required to participate in Marching Band in order to participate in other band classes, such as Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, or Wind Ensemble. That being said, we highly encourage you to give Marching Band a try. Very rarely do students regret it!

Rumor #7: "Marching Band is too expensive."

Reality: Yes, there are costs involved with participating in Marching Band. The Band Parents Association does offer scholarships for students to participate. Contact your band directors for more information. In addition, we do a number of fundraisers in order to keep costs as low as possible. Again, please talk to the band directors about your situation before making any assumptions.

Rumor #8: "Upperclassmen will not accept me."

Reality: Marching Band is a team activity where the group excels only when every individual excels. Upperclassmen are extremely welcoming and want more than anything to see new members succeed. You will not only be welcomed, but will form bonds and friendships with upperclassmen, all before the first day of school!